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Promotional Auto Golf Umbrella - MOQ 25 Pieces

Designer: Umbrellaworld

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Promote your brand with the Auto Promotional Golf Umbrella.

Featuring a fantastic fiberglass frame and auto-open functionality, this umbrella is perfect for everyday wet weather use. 

Available in a wide range of fabric colours to match any brand. Custom-made to order, it can be personalized with anything from basic prints to fully bespoke all-over canopy designs.

 Ideal for showcasing your company or event, with a minimum order of just 25 pieces.

Umbrella sizing, Approx.

  • Diameter open - 130cm
  • Length 100cm
  • Weight: 632g
  • Black EVA Flexi-foam handle

Frame details.

  • Rib length: 75cm
  • Rib material: Fibreglass
  • Pole: 14mm diameter
  • Pole material: Fibreglass
  • Storm Proof: Allows the umbrella to be reverted if blown inside out in strong winds.

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