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Promotional Umbrellas

Umbrellas are a fantastic promotional and advertising tool - recognised across the globe as offering more 'bang for your buck' when it comes to return on investment. Just think, when the recipient of your branded umbrella walks down the street or stands on the side lines, how many people your company name becomes visible to? Now that doesn't happen with a pen!

The best thing about advertising umbrellas is that the reach goes far beyond what you could ever hope for from print advertising. They get slung in the back of the car, put in the office or lost on the commute....each avenue getting your brand out there in front of an ever increasing number of potential clients.

Whether you are looking to gift, sell or promote with your corporate promotional umbrella the opportunities are endless. Canopy colour choices, pantone matched panels, full all over printing or discrete handle decals - the choice is limitless.

From accountants to hair dressers, funeral homes to wedding photographers, banks to builders the printed corporate umbrella can work for every business so take a look at our options and if you don't see what you need or just need advice from a specialist - we really do know our stuff; so trust in Umbrellaworld to deliver your promotional branded umbrellas on time and within budget.

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