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Fulton 'Tiny' Compact Folding Umbrella - Bee Border

Designer: Fulton

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Delightful prints on the incredibly popular 'Tiny' umbrella from Fulton. A compact and fashionable umbrella that fits easily into your handbag.

Features include;

  • Flat compact matching case designed for easy fit
  • Ultra compact flat shape
  • Lightweight aluminium and fibreglass frame
  • Flexible frame to enhance wind resistance
  • Umbrella measures 15cm long when closed
  • Span when open 85cm
  • Weight 160g (approx.)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
amanda Keenan (amandaekdawi)

I have contacted you because the umbrella does not stay up!

hello, the main reason we get this a lot on why the tiny umbrellas wont stay up are 1 of two things.
Firstly can you make sure you do not have your thumb on the release button, place your finger and thumb either side and push it up to the top until it clicks in place.
Secondly customers being to gentle and frightened to push all the way up until it clicks in place. Give it a shack and push it all the way as far as it will go until it clicks in place.
These two things sound simple but in 99.9% of cases it is one of these two reasons.
Let me know how you get on.


Stylish, compact and lightweight - just what I was looking for.