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Clear Dome 'Clearview' Walking Umbrella with Black Handle

Designer: Umbrellaworld

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Clearview - Clear Dome Umbrella

If you are always bumping into things or people with your umbrella or you need to stay dry with maximum visibility then this is the umbrella for you.
The clear deep dome trimless canopy allows the user to nestle well underneath protecting from the elements and fibreglass frame offers great wind resistant protection from the elements.

Features include:
    • 8 panel clear dome *POE canopy (*better for the environment than PVC)

    • Fibreglass frame

    • Black hook handle and ferrule

    • Approx. length 84cm

    • Approx. diameter 81cm

Available with express delivery and to ship worldwide.

* The wind resistant frame on this umbrella is designed to withstand inversion (turning inside out) in normal wind conditions. Please use caution in strong winds as wind damage does not constitute a faulty frame. However if your umbrella does invert please simply close in the normal way and re-open to restore your umbrella to its original shape.