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Blunt Metro Auto Folding Umbrella - Black

Designer: Blunt

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Compact, convenient and collapsible, the BLUNT Metro is perfect for the urban dweller, busy people in busy places.

With 100cm coverage, the Metro is perfectly sized to give you coverage while not taking up too much street space. The Metro's auto-open canopy easily opens with the push of a button, and collapses and slides neatly into the carry sleeve.

At 37.5cm in length, you can whip your BLUNT out of your handbag or backpack whenever the weather acts up.

Made for Innovation
The patented BLUNT tips open like miniature umbrellas within pockets at the canopy edge performing multiple purposes giving the BLUNT umbrella it’s superior performance.

Made for Extremes
With our aerodynamic canopy, we ensure that BLUNT Umbrellas have been tested in all conditions – including winds of up to 55mph so you’re protected in any situation.

global 2 year warranty - BLUNT Umbrellas are designed and built with meticulous craft and care to ensure they stand the test of time. We back this up with a global 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

Features include;

  • 100cm diameter cover when open
  • Length when closed 37.5cm 
  • Weight 385g
  • Comes with a sleeve
  • Automatic open function
  • Straight plastic handle
  • Register for the 2 year manufacturer warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Steve Seel
My first umbrella

It is very wet in Wales. I enjoy the outdoors. Needed a new coat and researched wet weather gear ... concluded keeping rain off the gear helps. Decided it is time for an umbrella.
My partner’s cheap folders are landfill fodder. Mine had to be folding, affordable, built to last, wind resistant and not poke out eyes. I found one umbrella that fits all five.
My partner disagrees on cost but instantly loved it; I emphasise instantly…. the quality is obvious.
Been on a Mediterranean holiday since, so only used it to shade from blazing sun …… no eyes poked out, easy to collapse to pass through narrow streets in crowds, flexible in blustery wind.
One in five New Zealanders can’t be wrong.