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Senz AOC Deluxe Folding Windproof Umbrella - Pure Black

Designer: Senz

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Senz Deluxe Mini AOC Automatic Open & Close Umbrella

Senz° umbrellas are light and easy to hold with one hand.

Upgraded, the stylish senz folding umbrellas with Auto Open and Close function bring together the ultimate storm proof technology with the latest statement in eye catching style and have been designed for those who demand the best of the best when it comes to appearance, comfort and performance.

Indulge yourself with the best pocket umbrella there is. From the stormproof frame to the leather trimmed handle; everything is designed with care. With its unique reinforced hinges and super stiff H-profiles this umbrella offers optimal performance with touch a luxury. From the soft twill fabric to the leather trim on the handle and sleeve, every part of the senz° automatic deluxe has that high quality feel to it.

The pioneering patented construction and unique aerodynamic design places emphasis on the length of the canopy rather than width. With the same functionality of a sail it finds the best position in the wind providing ultimate weather protection without inverting or using unnecessary air space. Light but incredibly strong, each product features; Eyesavers (a tough connection between the canopy and the construction) designed to protect your eyes from any possible harm and help prevent umbrella rage, UV fabric and handles designed to offer perfect grip. All these elements come together to provide top performance even in the harshest weather conditions.

The senz Mini AOC has a unique frame with variable ribs, which is completely new in the umbrellas industry. Differing itself from the manual senz mini through the convenient automatic open function; it opens & closes with the push of a button and comes equipped with a storm lock to prevent the canopy from collapsing once operated.


    • Designed from scratch - The first senz° model with a safety shaft, making opening and closing a breeze.
    • Aerodynamic shape - Adapt to ever changing winds. The unique shape makes it comfortable to carry.
    • 100 KM/H wind proof - Created to withstand strong winds, you won’t face a battle with your umbrella.
    • Eyesaver end caps - Avoid unnecessary accidents with smooth edges at the tips of the canopy.
    • 2 Year warranty - senz° products come with a 2 year no-nonsense warranty.
    • Luxury sleeve cover - Carry your senz° umbrella in style. Features a magnetic closure and leather trim.
    • UPF 50+ protection - Protect yourself in sunny circumstances with the Anti UV coating.
    • Fast dry canopy - No more dripping on the floor. Shake the droplets of in one movement.
    • Leather trim - The handle and the sleeve are finished with smooth leather.


    • Fits your bag. Fits your style. Storm proof excellence thanks to the reinforced ribs
    • No more umbrella struggles: floats on the wind
    • Doesn’t go inside out
    • Fast drying soft twill fabric with nano coating
    • UV protection with UPF50+ canopy
    • Luxury leather handle with comfort grip
    • Opens and closes with the push of a button
    • Easy close shaft
    • Eyesavers protect your fellow pedestrians
    • Carry your umbrella in style with the luxury sleeve
    • 2 Year no-nonsense warranty
    • Folded Length: 28cm
    • Canopy Arc Length (Front-to-Back): 91cm
    • Canopy Arc Width (Side-to-Side): 91cm
    • Weight: 380g

This product can be shipped worldwide.

Protect against the forces of nature - You know it makes Senz!!!!