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GustBuster Golf Umbrella Pro Series 62 Navy

Designer: GustBuster

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GustBuster Golf umbrella Pro Series 62


The GustBuster


Often Copied, but Never Duplicated! It's a GustBuster only if it has the exclusive Raindrop Shaped Wind-Release Vents


UN-compromised Quality. Quality is never an accident. At GustBuster, it is a result of high intentions, sincere efforts and skillful execution. Quality is always the wisest choice of many options. Quality is the single strongest marketing support any product can be given.


It's a GustBuster only if it has the exclusive Raindrop-Shaped Wind Release Vents - No other shape works as well.


Award winning double canopy design and unmatched time and investment in research and development.


    • Approx. length 102cm

    • Approx. diameter 136cm

    • Approx weight 800g
Even more reasons to love the GustBuster:


Wind tunnel certified to 55 mph by the College of Aeronautics


Finest available 190 thread count nylon canopy water, bleed and fade proof.


Patents: 4,979,534, 5,065,779, 5,368,055, 5,487,401


Patented elastic shock-cord


A design original: a 7/8" wide velcro closure system keeps a GustBuster neatly and securely wrapped


GustBuster's Golf umbrella featuring a rubber comfort grip handle is available in many colours.


Features of this fantastic umbrella include:


    • Award winning double canopy

    • Approx 136cm Diameter

    • Lightning resisting, lightweight, super-strength fiberglass shaft

    • Hand-contoured rubber comfort grip handles

    • High impact, injection-molded protective ferrule

    • Fits into smallest golf bag holder

    • Double velcro closure straps

    • Lighter weight than comparably-sized ordinary umbrellas

    • NEW pinchless open/close release system

    • Wind-tested by College of Aeronautics to 55 mph


Available with express delivery and to ship worldwide.