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BrollyDry "Slinger" Water Absorbing Umbrella Carry Case for Golf / Walking Umbrellas

Designer: BrollyDry

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BrollyDry - 'The Slinger' - a crossbody umbrella case for long umbrellas, that stops drips FAST!

BrollyDry is the perfect companion to your walking or golf umbrella. Lined with super absorbant microfibre cloth, this versatile carry strap case will stop that dripping umbrella fast. The wet weather gadget you will wonder how you lived without! Are you tired of carrying your large wet umbrella around when entering a store, getting on the train or arriving at work? Putting your umbrella down only to be left with puddles of water on the floor, in your car or worse still dripping down your leg? Well Say 'goodbye soggy' & 'hello brollydry' this great crossbody or shoulder strap allows you to carry your long umbrella easily, hands free. You won't leave your umbrella behind now or need to make the dreaded decision to take an umbrella out with you - it is easy to carry everyday with the Slinger and when it does rain it provides the perfect way to stop the drips and maintain quick and easy access.

With passion for purpose - the simplest ideas are always the best! Our product was born with one purpose in mind, to solve one of life's little annoyances. Like with all great ideas the simplest ones are the best. This is why we created the BrollyDry. When designing the second product in the BrollyDry range we wanted to create a versatile product that could be used for more than one purpose and to maximize the potential of a simple carry case. The desire to not only solve an everyday problem but to offer a multipurpose product at a great price.

Vision - First things first - what were we aiming to achieve? Well picture this; It is raining, you use your umbrella. You stay dry. Great! It stops raining or you get on the tube, walk into the store. The Problem : what to do with the wet, dripping umbrella you now have to carry with you? The BrollyDry product had to alleviate the frustration of the dripping umbrella making everything from your legs to your bag, soggy. The Solution: The product needed to be easy to use, quick to work, non-compromising on style or size and above all else available at a great price.

Smart - Next we wanted to enhance the usability of the case to maximise its potential. So, you are no longer creating puddles wherever you walk. With the Slinger your umbrella is out of the way whether dry or wet and means it is easier than ever to take your umbrella with you wherever you go.

Why Stop There? - We also wanted the Slinger model to be easily and readily available and to be used everyday. Who doesn't dread making the decision whether to take an umbrella out, just in case? Well now the decision is obvious - the slinger is easy and comfortable to carry - it has adjustable straps and fits most long walking or golf sized umbrellas. If you are out with the pram - now worries use the Velcro straps to attach it to your pram and remain hands free. This also applies to wheelchairs or mobility scooters too! The strap buckle easily allows you to attach to your car headrest to hold your umbrella when not in use.

Features Include:

    • Approx. dimensions 84cm long by 13 cm wide
    • 2 adjustable Velcro straps
    • long adjustable strap for shoulder or crossbody use
    • Microfibre Lining
    • NB the umbrella shown is for illustration purposes only and not supplied

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Quality item at best available price. Quick dispatch & prompt delivery. Top service!

Rimantas Ivoska (rimantaivosk0)
Umbrella case

Everything is fine.


What a brilliant idea. Purchased for my boss who has everything.

patrick Gardner

After a bad purchase elsewhere, O am delighted that the brolly cover is just right. Previously, my golf sized umbrella was fading on the back shelf of my car, now it is covered there is no problem!0

Suzanne Rayner
Brilliant idea

An excellent idea for quickly drying your umbrella…

Thanks, so glad you like our own product ;)