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STORMaxi® Storm Umbrella Special Edition Black with Purple Highlights

Designer: Impliva

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Brand new for AW20 the STORMaxi® storm umbrella range is both effective and sustainable. The aerodynamic storm umbrella with the broad back for maximum protection against rain!!

Besides the superb functionality the STORMaxi® has a contrastinhg colour ribs which offers unrivalled quality and style. The easy glide "push up pull down" opening mechanism is slick and simple to use

ST-12 STORMaxi® aerodynamic storm umbrella. This umbrella has been wind tunnel tested and easily resists winds up to 100 kms/h.

"It's just smart not to use more materials in a design than you actually need!" This is what the Dutch consumer affairs programme KASSA, aired by the VARA broadcasting association, said in praise of the STORMaxi's® efficient material usage. What's more: the umbrella doesn't break, even under extreme weather conditions! So STORMaxi® is both an effective and very sustainable storm umbrella!

Features of the umbrella include;

  • Fibreglass ribs
  • Material - polyester pongee
  • Straight handle
  • Manual open
  • Brand STORMaxi®
  • Black case with colour highlights
  • Length (cm) 82
  • Length when open front to back 94cm
  • Length when open side to side 90cm