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Golf Companion Ball Retrieving Umbrella - Royal Blue/White

Designer: Umbrellaworld

£18.49 £37.00
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Golf Companion Umbrella with Ball Retriever

Colours available: Navy/White, Red/White, Black/White, Green/White, Navy/ White, All Navy.

This is a simply brilliant golfing accessory.....Ever lost your ball in the rough? Had to wade through water to retrieve your ball and still not been able to reach it? Well no more! this amazing golf accessory is a must for every keen golfer....especially if you are no Tiger Woods!!With an extendable pole from the handle of the umbrella shaft, no ball will be out of reach again, as the ball retriever scoops up your ball.The PERFECT gift for all golf champion wannabes!!

Features include:

  • 8 Panels

  • Wind resistant* fibreglass frame

  • Approx. diamater 130cm

  • Approx length 118cm

  • Extendable shaft

  • Ball retriever

Available with express delivery and to ship worldwide.

*The wind resistant frame on this umbrella is designed to withstand inversion (turning inside out) in normal wind conditions. Please use caution in strong winds as wind damage does not constitute a faulty frame. However if your umbrella does invert please simply close in the normal way and re-open to restore your umbrella to its original shape.