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Fulton Parasoleil UV 50+ Protection Travel Umbrella - Spaced Ditsy

Designer: Fulton

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Fulton Parasoleil UV 50+ Protection Folding Umbrella - Polka Dot Print

Protection for your Skin - UV protection was never more necessary than today! This small, extra lightweight pocket umbrella, can be put in your bag to always have at hand. Protect from both the rain and the sun with UV protection.

Features include:

  • Great protection from the Sun
  • UPF 50+ protecting you from more than 99% of the sun's UV rays
  • Reflective silver inside canopy with anti-UV protection
  • Water repellent high density fabric
  • Ultra lightweight compact frame
  • Umbrella measures 24.5cm long when closed
  • Span when open 98cm
  • Weight 210g (approx.)

Available with express delivery and to ship worldwide.

The sun, with its ultraviolet rays, continues to become increasingly dangerous to the skin. Cancer risks with frequent long-term exposure are thereby clearly raised. Therefore , we urgently advise those who are outside often, whether for work or play, to use proper sunblock lotions and clothing with UV protection.

*The wind resistant frame on this umbrella is designed to withstand inversion (turning inside out) in normal wind conditions. Please use caution in strong winds as wind damage does not constitute a faulty frame. However if your umbrella does invert please simply close in the normal way and re-open to restore your umbrella to its original shape.