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Emma Bridgewater Stamps Folding Umbrella

Designer: vendor-unknown

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Emma Bridgewater Folding Umbrella

Because you can never brighten up your day enough, we've expanded our range to include fun patterned Emma Bridgewater Umbrellas.

Pleasingly abstract and colourful from a distance, this compact umbrella is small enough to quietly mind its own business in your handbag when not in use, all ready to save the day (and your hair-do) should the clouds unexpectedly burst. Practical and patriotic, surely a winning combination?

Features include:

  • 3 stage manual steel frame

  • Attractive collectable design

  • Polyester pongee fabric

  • Matching sleeve with branding

  • Colour match handle with branding

  • Approx. diameter 92cm

  • Approx. length 23cm

Available with express delivery and to ship worldwide.