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Doppler 'Superstrong' Auto Folding Umbrella Umbrella - Strongest of its kind!

Designer: Doppler

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Doppler 'Superstrong' Auto Folding Umbrella Umbrella - Strongest of its kind!

Strong, stronger, SUPERSTRONG
The indestructible pocket umbrella from doppler
Are you looking for an umbrella that even the worst weather caprices leave cold, that playfully pushes the limits of resilience and goes to the limit and beyond with its wearer?
Then there is no way without the new Fiber Magic SUPERSTRONG from doppler. The unbreakable pocket umbrella in the reduced understatement look is wind tunnel tested and withstands gusts of up to 120 km/h.
Bumbling folding of the canopy is against the character of the SUPERSTRONG. Its frame is so stable that it never loses its composure even under the influence of force.
The sophisticated material composition of high-quality aluminium and fiberglass, coupled with the latest technology, make the robust Fiber Magic SUPERSTRONG the unshakable hero among umbrellas.

Features Include;

  • Most stable pocket umbrella in the range
  • Tested in a wind tunnel at 120 km/h
  • Comfortable umbrella diameter (diameter 98 cm)
  • Includes a protective cover in matching colour
  • Use of the highest quality materials - steel and fibreglass
  • Auto open and close
  • Material canopy: 100% polyester
  • Weighing only 354 grams
  • Length when closed 29cm