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Doppler Houndstooth Print Automatic Walking Umbrella - Yellow

Designer: Doppler

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Doppler Modern Art Collection Auto Open Long Walking Umbrella

A beautiful umbrella is perfect for a rainy Sunday walk.

In addition, the graphic blue / beige pattern is simple, elegant and universally combinable. This umbrella can be opened automatically at the touch of a button and closed manually. The Fiber Flex AC Timeless uses selected materials such as fiberglass and steel. That makes this umbrella with its 416 g one of the lightweights among the stick umbrellas in our range.

If the umbrella is not needed, it dries immediately when opened, as the umbrella roof is provided with a water-repellent coating. After drying, the canopy can easily be stowed away with the help of the sewn-on closure tape.

Pleasantly large canopy (diameter 100 cm) Increased stability through the use of 8 struts in the umbrella roof Wider closure tape for fast folding Quick drying canopy High flexibility due to fiberglass Round hook handle ensures a pleasant wearing comfort Ready for use quickly thanks to automatic opening Processing of selected materials such as fibreglass and steel Material canopy: 100 percent polyester


    • Auto Open

    • Fibreglass & steel

    • Vibrant print

    • Approx. Length when closed 88cm

    • Approx. Diameter when open 101cm

    • Approx weight 415g

    • Available with express delivery and to ship worldwide