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Di Cesare Margarita Ladies Walking Umbrella in Monochrome Floral

Designer: Umbrellaworld

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Introducing The Di Cesare Collection of Innovative Umbrellas

Inspired by forms found in nature, art and engineering come together to create a series of designs that are elegant, unique and boldly eccentric. Di Cesare Ladies Margarita Walking Umbrella in Monochrome Floral With attractive monochrome pattern and distinctive 'pumpkin' frame this umbrella makes for an extraordinary accessory for any outfit. The timeless combination of elegant arches and cutaway flower-like design all go towards creating an innovative umbrella with a never before seen shape. If its for that special occasion or simply to add a little extra glamour to everyday this eye catching umbrella will not disappoint and is sure to attract admiring glances whenever in use.


  • Cut-away Flower Shape Pagoda Design

  • Steel and Fibreglass Manual Frame

  • Attractive Monochrome Canopy

  • Hook Handle with Tassle Detail

  • Approx. Diameter when Open

  • Approx. Length when Closed

  • Available with Express Delivery and to Ship Worldwide