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Dents Ladies 'Isabelle' Cognac (7-1134) Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves - Size 7

Designer: Dents

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Ladies Dents Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves - 'Isabelle' Size 7. Enrobe your hands with the luxury of cashmere. A classic and elegant style that will become an integral part of your winter wardrobe.

  • Soft Leather
  • 100% Cashmere Lined
  • 3 points
  • Lined with 100% cashmere
  • 2¼ button length - These gloves extend approximately 1¼ inches (3.2cm) above the wrist.

Hairsheep Leather - The sheep that provides the leather grows hair, not wool, hence its name. The fine hair leaves no markings resulting in smooth leather. Favoured for its natural strength and elasticity, hairsheep leather is generally acknowledged as the best leather for gloves. Durable and supple, this is an excellent choice for lasting comfort

Cashmere - A luxury natural fibre, from the hair of mountain goats, which is superbly soft, warm and lightweight.

Dents have a distinguished heritage producing the finest leather gloves, but there is more than meets the eye when producing a pair of shooting gloves, or a pair of peccary driving gloves.


If you are not sure about your glove size, measure the hand you normally write with around the palm at its widest point in inches (excluding the thumb), then round up to the nearest half or whole number - this will be your glove size.

Glove sizes come in half and whole numbers, between 7½ and 11 for men and 6 and 8½ for women. For example if your hand measures 8½ inches around its widest point (excluding the thumb), your glove size is 9 (Note: one inch = 25.4mm).

Where gloves are sized S,M,L,and XL, the following guide will apply (measurements refer to your glove size, as calculated above, not to English inches):

For Women:-

Small 6 - 6½

Medium 7 - 7½

Large 8 - 8½

If you are between sizes, choose the smaller size. Gloves should be snug at first but will stretch.

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