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Cascada Collection - Flying Dove Walking Umbrella

Designer: Cascada

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Cascada Collection Art Print Walking Umbrella

A stunning umbrella with walking hook handle in wood. Delicately hand-crafted with wooden shaft, wooden eye-savers and brass ended ferule.

A great fashion umbrella with stunning artist prints from the Cascada collection, these are the perfect accessory for any lady who loves to express herself through fashion.

Features Inclucde:

    • Solid Light Wood hook handle, shaft and tip

    • New fibreglass ribs 8 section. Rib length: 59cm

    • Manual push-up frame

    • Brass ferrule

    • Quality printed design

    • Approx. length when closed : 89cm

  • Approx. span when open: 103cm

Available with express delivery and to ship worldwide.